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Take Advantage of our Career Accelerator

Yasheaka Oakley Owens will give you a preview of our series of customizable training sessions and tools from leading subject matter experts.

You'll learn how to enter the workforce or navigate career transitions, gain next-level techniques to capitalize on value and jumpstart careers to attain well-compensated employment.

Coaching & Mentoring Services

Engaging Job Seeker Workshops & Tools

Actionable workshops with defined activities to engage and reach each participant’s defined goals.

Dart Board

Access to Subject Matter Experts

Each topic is presented by professionals in the field who will share expertise, current insights, and how-tos for motivating, taking the best next steps, and achieving goal-oriented results.


Grow Your Network

Connect to experts, instructors, and like-minded professionals to optimize your social presence, and online job seeking skills.

Customer Reach

Tiered, Flexible, & Accessible

Multiple levels of programs, building on skillsets at the user's own pace to address individual needs.

Research Analytics

Hear from our Mentees


"As my professional career continually develops, I realize the importance of guidance and support. Yasheaka has been a major highlight of my career journey. Not only has she listened to what I had to say, she also helped me prioritize and devise a plan of action to resolve any qualm I ran into. If you want a mentor who genuinely supports you, Yasheaka is IT! "

Jennifer Chocolate
Dane Seltenreich

"Words can't describe how grateful I am for all the help I received from Yasheaka! Not only did she assist me in reworking my resume, but she also gave me enormous amounts of feedback on my LinkedIn as well. Prior to working with Yasheaka, I applied and interviewed for marketing jobs for about a month with no luck. After receiving her help, I received 6 job offers within two weeks, with one of them being my dream job at an international digital advertising agency!"

Dane Seltenreich
Jessica Wolfe Nolan

"Yasheaka was a great mentor to me. She was accessible, extremely knowledgeable, and went out of her way to provide me with great resources to learn more about various marketing concepts. I was able to learn a wide variety of skills that made me a more valuable employee in my current job and a stronger candidate for future opportunities."

Jessica Wolfe Nolan
Zack Waldorf

"Yasheaka is a brilliant and transformational mentor. She develops and empowers entry-level marketing professionals while being incredibly down to earth. Yasheaka has mastered the balance between guidance and delegation, recognizing leaders, and building them up."

Zack Waldorf
Devan Circcarelli

"As a mentor, Yasheaka would make it a point to offer her assistance every step of the way, and made sure the program felt less virtual and more real world. She was always available and always asking if the projects were relevant to what our goals were."

Devan Circcarelli
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